Car Found In Lake Solves Decades-Old Missing Persons Case

The fishing at Lake Foss in Oklahoma is supposed to be good. But as you drive there, you should beware of a dangerous stretch of road. It seems that back in 1970, a man and two friends suddenly disappeared on the road as he was driving his new Camaro. Give he had just gotten his new powerful muscle car, he was probably going too fast.

But no one knew where the three had ended up. However, an Oklahoma Highway patrol officer was recently doing some training on the lake. With a sonar device, the officer determined there were some large objects under the murky surface of the lake. Eventually, it became clear that the sonar had located two cars.

Police brought dredging crews to the lake, and they managed to recover both cars. They had recovered a 1970 Camaro and a 1957 Chevy out of the lake. However, most importantly, the bodies that they found inside the vehicles would solve several decades-old missing persons cases.

Of interest, law enforcement authorities found three highly decayed bodies in each car. But autopsies performed to identify the various bodies and causes of death finally made it clear what had happened to six people who had mysteriously gone missing many years ago.

Police say that Jimmy Williams, the man who owned the Camaro, had offered to give two friends a ride to a high school football game that night. But when they never showed up at the game and simply disappeared, no one knew what had happened to them.

It seems the ‘57 Chevy was owned by a man named Alvie Porter, who apparently disappeared one year before Williams in 1969. Police have tentatively identified Porter’s body, but the identities of the other two passengers in his car is not clear.

It turned out that Lake Foss contained more than just a lot of big fish, but some questions in this case still remain to be answered.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM

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