Sasha Obama Shows Up With Blue Hair

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle had to deal with some criticism after their eldest daughter began running around and getting a little wild. Malia Obama made headlines when she was caught at a music festival, allegedly smoking marijuana.

There have been other allegations of the underage girl drinking at private parties.

She’s also been caught smoking, and doing some hot and heavy smooching with her college boyfriend at a tailgating party. It was much ado about nothing with Malia, though, who is now settled into Harvard University and doing just fine.

The teen might have sewn a few wild oats, but don’t believe the crazy news stories that she’s been busted in crack houses and thrown out of school for possession.

But it looks like it is 16-year-old Sasha Obama’s turn to start a little rebellion.
The teen was spotted a the Broccoli City Festival in Washington D.C. with her friends where she enjoyed the festivities and hung out with the talent back stage. The first thing many noticed is that Sasha has added some color to her hair: blue.

The former president’s daughter has embellished her long locks with a few blue streaks. Most likely Sasha hasn’t gone permanently punk, though; there are a lot of temporary hair powders and sprays that wash out within a few washes.

On a bit more serious note, it looked like Sasha and her friends, who were stationed in the VIP section, were passing around a bottle. It was a plastic water-type bottle, but it’s unlikely it contained water. The friends were chatting, laughing and dancing as they shared the contents of the bottle.

One photographer caught a moment in which a girl taking a sip of it winced, so the contents sound a lot stronger than sweet tea.

According to the photographer, Dee Dwyer, Sasha was smiling and enjoying herself in the sun. She didn’t look like she had a care in the world as she swayed to the music by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar, and cheered for the performers.

“She was loose and having a good time,” said Dwyer to the Daily Mail. “She was in the zone. I have never seen Sasha partying like that. It is normally Malia. She was going all out. I normally go to the festival to take pictures and I was there partying. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her there - it's a festival where people are smoking and drinking.”

The youngest Obama was dressed in figure-flattering jeans and a white, crop top t-shirt, and was donning some new gold jewelry, including layered necklaces, a cross, and some dangling earrings. She was also rocking some retro-style Adam Selman 'Le Specs X' sunglasses, which retail for around $120.

At some point during the show, Sasha made her way back stage to hang out with celebrity parents-to-be, Offset and Cardi B. The rap sensation, who says this performance will be her last until after her baby is born, enthusiastically shared photos with Sasha on social media and sang her support for former President Obama.

Sasha is still in high school, and it must have been tough growing up with cameras in your face and the Secret Service on your tail. It’s good to see her cut loose and have fun, but hopefully she won’t get too carried away.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Twitter, You Tube, SWNS

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