Legal Woes For Casey Anthony Might Not Be Over: Notorious Mom May Face Civil Trial

Casey Anthony may have been found 'not guilty' in a criminal trial when it came to murdering her daughter, Caylee, but when she walked out of jail, things were far from over. People all over the world were outraged by the verdict and believe a murderer went free. Anthony might now face another trial regarding her role in her daughter's death: a civil trial.

Ron Kronk had his attorney file a motion on Monday requesting that a judge send a defamation suit against Anthony to trial. Kronk is a meter reader from Orlando, Florida, and the unfortunate individual who first stumbled upon the deceased 2-year-old girl's remains. Anthony's attorneys tried to implicate Kronk in Caylee's death.

Anthony and her attorneys attempted to throw a lot of people under the bus in attempts to deflect blame. Anthony first blamed her daughter's disappearance on 'Zanny the nanny', a woman named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. It turns out, Ms. Fernandez-Gonzolez didn't even know Anthony or her daughter.

In a National Enquirer article, it was alleged that the meter reader that found the body was the child's true killer. At the trial, Anthony’s attorneys named Kronk as a possible suspect, claiming he had a history of being abusive towards women.

Finally at trial, Anthony's attorneys said that Casey's father, George Anthony, was responsible for Caylee's death. They spun a new story claiming Caylee drowned and her grandfather disposed of the body. They also claimed George Anthony, a retired law enforcement officer, molested his daughter throughout her childhood.

Fernandez-Gonzalez and Kronk filed defamation cases against Anthony, which was dismissed.

Kronk filed a suit against Anthony and the National Enquirer. The suit against the tabloid was dismissed, and the suit against Anthony was hung up for years due to Anthony's bankruptcy. A judge is still deciding how to handle the young mother's debts, which mounted considerably during her trial.

Many still suspect Anthony to have murdered her toddler in cold blood. Caylee was missing for more than a month before her disappearance was reported. It was her grandmother that reported the disappearance. Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, called police to tell them she hasn’t seen her granddaughter in weeks, and that her daughter’s car smells like there has been a dead body in the trunk.

In the days before Caylee’s death, someone searched on the family’s computer terms like ‘chloroform’ and ‘fool-proof suffocation’. While the child was missing, Anthony spent the time partying with friends. She even got a tattoo that reads ‘La Bella Vita’, Italian for ‘The Beautiful Life’.

If Kronk’s civil suit against Anthony doesn’t go through, her parents might eventually file one. In a recent interview, George and Cindy Anthony have said that if their daughter does any reality show or book deals about her case, they will file a suit to stop her. The couple have severed ties with their daughter, who continues to blame her father for her daughter’s death.

“I sleep pretty good at night,” Anthony recently said in an interview. Her parents said it shocks them that the mother of a murdered toddler could ever sleep well; no charges were ever brought up against George or Cindy, and they say they still toss and turn.

A civil trial might not put Anthony behind bars, but if found responsible for her daughter’s death, it could cause her even more legal problems.

Source: Daily Mail
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