Internet Notices First Lady Melania Trump is MIA

Many people are worried about how Melania Trump is doing these days. The FLOTUS has not been spotted in public for weeks. Shortly after announcing her new 'Be Best' initiative, she fell off the map. The White House announced she had some minor surgery and that she's doing well, but she still hasn't been spotted out and about. Speculation abounds.

On May 7, Mrs. Trump announced her new 'Be Best' campaign, which will take a multi-faceted approach to help children. Issues that will be tackled include the opioid addiction and bullying.

Three days later, on May 10, she and President Donald Trump made an appearance when three Americans detained in North Korea came home. That's the last public sighting of the FLOTUS.

The White House announced on May 14 that Melania was in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for minor surgery on her kidney.

“A sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit @WRBethesda & to all who have send good wishes & prayers! I am feeling great & look forward to getting back home @WhiteHouse soon,” Melania tweeted.

The White House later announced the surgery went well and that the FLOTUS was back at the White House. More than two weeks later, and there is still no Melania. The public is wondering what gives.

"It’s Wednesday, May 30. What’s the last date when Melania/Melanie was seen in public?" one person said.

"Has anyone asked Liam Neeson to find Melania?" said another person.

Some Twitter users have urged the White House to post a picture of Mrs. Trump holding up today's newspaper.

President Trump did not help things when reporters asked him about his wife. He pointed up and said she was watching. Many looked up to the window they thought Trump was pointing to, only to report it looked empty.

Some speculate that Mrs. Trump finally became fed up with her husband and left him. Rumor has it she's back in New York City, but the rumor is not very reliable. There have been no indications, no tightened security, to assume Melania went back to Trump Tower.

Others wonder if the illness was worse than the White House made it out to be. Some crazy conspiracy theories say Mrs. Trump died, and the White House is keeping it quiet. Some even say when Trump was pointing up saying Melania was looking down on everyone, he meant from Heaven.

No one should take any of the conspiracies to heart, though. Melania, a fairly introverted First Lady who seems to prefer working behind the scenes, has gone longer than 20 days without making a public appearance. According to her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump is fine and has been working diligently with her staff in the White House.

"I wouldn't characterize this as a long absence. She was hospitalized for almost a week and is now home and recovering. She has had several meetings internally with staff and will continue to do so this week," Grisham said to CNN.

With the Be Best kick-off, the Fourth of July coming up, the annual Congressional Picnic to plan and other business, as well as taking time to recover, Melania has been quite busy in her office.

"Sadly, we deal with conspiracy theories all the time -- so this is nothing new, just more silly nonsense," Grisham told CNN.

Source: Business Insider
Photos: US Department of State, White House, DOD News,

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