You're Going To Want To Throw These Away If You've Been At Walmart In The Past Year

Chicken nuggets seem to be a favorite food of many young children, and a lot of parents stock up with frozen nuggets and patties in the freezer to make easy dinners on busy nights. If you’ve got any bags of frozen, breaded chicken in your freezer, you’ll want to pay attention to this recall. It could be dangerous if you miss it.

OK Food, Inc. is recalling more than a million pounds of their chicken products after several complaints came in about metal scraps found in the food. The food company is recalling chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken patties and fillets sold under various brand names.

Brands that have been affected by the frozen chicken recall include Farmington, Great Value, Tender Bird, ChickenTopia and Smartfoods4Schools. The tainted products were produced and distributed from December 19, 2016 through March 7, 2017, so anyone who purchased chicken within that time frame should go through their freezer and check their brands.

If you have a bag of one of the mentioned brands and purchased it the last four months, you may have a tainted product on your hand. At least five consumers reported finding metal parts in their chicken, and the complaints have been verified by the company.

“After an internal investigation, the firm identified the affected product and determined that the objects in all the complaints came from metal conveyor belting,” said a statement from the federal Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

According to reports, there have not been any injuries or health issues from those who ate the metal-laden, pre-cooked frozen chicken. However, a small piece of metal can definitely be a choking hazard, cause cracked teeth or other problems. To be safe, the FSIS is urging consumers to either throw away the product or to bring it to the store where it was purchased for a refund.

Abby Brown of OK Foods, an Oklahoma-based manufacturer, is fielding phone calls from concerned consumers. She can be reached at (479) 312. 2409.

Source: Today
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