Woman Notices What Homeless Man’s Sign Says - Acts Immediately (Photos)

It’s important to remember that homeless people love their pets every bit as much as regular people, maybe even more given the pet may be literally their only friend in the world.

A woman in Huntsville, Texas named Wilma Price saw a man named Patrick, who is homeless and recently got out of jail (two days for trespassing), holding a hand-lettered sign.

When she read the sign, Price decided she had to stop. It turned out that Patrick’s dog, Franklin,
had been put in the pound and it was going to cost $120 to get him out. Patrick did not know what else to do, but beg. Patrick’s sign said he had to get his dog out of the pound and would use the donated money to recover his dog.

Price was nearly broke herself, but she felt she had to help Patrick out. She called a friend with some money who gave Patrick the $120 to get the dog out of the pound. Price also helped set up a donation page for Patrick and Franklin and donations have started pouring in.

She described the happy reunion: “Franklin is the dog’s name. He was shaking when he came out of the pound. It was so happy, happy to see the man so sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what’s right in your heart. That man loves that dog: on his backpack was the dog’s bowl and toys and it’s helping the dog against the world. The man was very, very grateful he had tears in his eyes when the dog came out.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

Woman's act of kindness goes viral.

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