Woman Notices Dog Dragging Something Odd, Horrified When She Realizes What It Is (Video)

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. A Florida toddler was rushed to Tampa General Hospital earlier this week after he was attacked by the family dog. The young boy was rescued by a police officer who was nearby on other business.

Apparently a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detective was involved in an interview regarding an auto theft at a nearby business earlier that day. While he was talking with the business owner, the detective noticed a dog at the house next door with something big in its mouth.

The detective and business owner walked a bit closer and saw that the dog had a child in his mouth. Detective Jeffry Harris ran up to the 50-lb boxer and screamed loudly. The dog dropped the child and ran away.

The owner of the business ran to the child’s house to alert the child’s mother.

Teresa Budd was working as usual at her produce business that morning, when she glanced out the window and saw a dog dragging what she thought could be a towel.

Budd commented, “The dog had just turned at a different angle and I could see what he was dragging around and it just hit me, oh my God it’s a child.”

The child was admitted to Tampa General with non-life-threatening dog bite injuries.

Source: WFLA
Photo: WFLA

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