Woman Gives Water To Thirsty Caged Pig, Now She's Paying A Huge Price

An animal rights activist is facing charges for the compassionate act of giving a dehydrated and suffering pig some water. According to Little Things, Anita Krajnc came across a truck full of exhausted, overheated and dehydrated pigs that were on their way to being slaughtered in Toronto, Canada when she decided she had to act.

She felt sorry for the animals and gave them some water against the driver’s wishes. The whole ordeal was caught on video by Krajnc fellow animal rights activist from Toronto Pig Save. In the video, she asks the driver if she could give the poor beautiful pigs water and he says no.

The driver angrily overreacts after Krajnc does it anyway and no insults Krajnc but also threatens her physically.

“Jesus said “If they are thirsty, give them water,” she says to the driver.

“You know what, these are not humans you dumb frickin’ broad,” the driver says.

Even though the pigs were on their way to be murdered at Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington, pork farmer Eric Van Boekel called the police to press charges on Krajnc saying she was pouring an “unknown liquid” into the compartment. Krajnc and her lawyer plan to fight the charges.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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