Woman Fed Swans For 25 Years - Husband Goes Above And Beyond After She Passes Away

One Mississippi woman loved feeding the swans so much that locals knew her as 'the swan lady.' Before she died, she made her husband promise to continue feeding the birds she loved so much. For the last five years, he has honored her memory by following in her footsteps.

Sheila Lawrence was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. The woman had one request to make of her husband: that he keep feeding the beautiful swans that she had been feeding for 25 years.

The swans were hunted to near extinction by the 1980s, but the populations started coming back thanks to Sheila's efforts.

After Sheila died, her husband Jim took over. Since his beloved wife passed away, Jim has fed hundreds of swans. He spills 200 bushels of corns along the shoreline every day when the trumpeter swans return for the winter.

“I know she’s saying, ‘You’re still walking too fast when you feed.’ I say, ‘I know, Sheila, but I’m just trying to feed. You wanted to talk to every one of them,’” said Jim. “That’s the most important part of the job, is to make sure the legacy continues. I want people to know about the Swan Lady, and what the Swan Lady did.”

While Jim will always miss Sheila, he and the swans can at least remember her together.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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