Veterinarian Shocked By What He Pulled Out Of Pup's Stomach

Some dogs will eat anything they can get in their mouths, and dog owners have to be vigilant. Sneaky pets will watch for just the right moment, then snatch something they think is a treat. It doesn't even matter if the object isn't meant to be edible; if the pooch gets a taste for it, they're going to go for it. When one dog got sick, her vet discovered her secret guilty pleasure: pacifiers.

Dr. Chris Rispoli, a vet in Oklahoma, says he was shocked when he performed surgery on a dog and discovered the pup had a taste for pacifiers. He performed surgery on the pup, which he said on Facebook was 'the most fascinating and exciting surgery' of his entire career. The doctor pulled 21 pacifiers out of the dog's stomach.

According to the vet, the dog, named Dovey, lives in a house with her family and their new baby. The family had been going nuts because the baby's 'binkies' were always disappearing. They were stumped over the 'missing binkie dilemma' for weeks.

It never occurred to them that Dovey was behind the mystery, but then the dog's secret slowly came to light. The grandmother spotted the dog sneak a pacifier off the counter. The dog started eating less. Then the owner saw Dovey throw up a pacifier.

“When she vomited up a binkie, plus the story from grandma, dad brought her in for an x-ray,” wrote the vet in the Facebook account. He shared the X-ray images, in which he thought he saw about 7 to 9 pacifiers. But when they began the surgery, he just kept pulling out more. He pulled out 21 in total, not including the one Dovey had puked up back at home.

Thankfully, the pacifiers didn't hurt the dog. The vet said that now that she was out of surgery she was recuperating nicely. He did warn the dog's family not to leave around any more pacifiers.

“Dog’s will eat anything, anytime and at any age so always be watching!!!” he wrote.

There is no shortage of stunned vets who found unusual objects in the bellies of their patients. Rocks, toys, coins and other household items have found their way into the stomach of many a pup. Some dogs have eaten things that are even more shocking.

According to the New York Daily News, some vets have found that dogs swallowed long kitchen knives. One dog named Jake swallowed the carving knife. His family became suspicious when he wouldn't curl up. Another dog swallowed a big serrated knife.

One dog owner in Wisconsin was missing a wedding ring for more than five years. She had given up on the object, assuming it was lost for good or had been stolen. She was shocked when her dog puked it up. It had apparently gotten lodged in the dog's digestive tract and never passed through.

The owner of a Great Dane was shocked when he discovered that his dog had developed a taste for socks. The dog had been vomiting so the vet gave him an X-ray. The dog had more than 43 socks in his stomach!

If you’re one of those unfortunate people who can never find partners for your socks, you may want to get your dog checked.

Source: Fox News
Photo: KOKH, Gentle Care Animal Hospital/Facebook

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