These Two Dogs Are Anything But Ordinary - Wait Till They Stand Up!

The Fishers are a family of five, and parents Joshua and Bee Fisher wanted to expand it even further. Having more children isn’t what they had in mind, however, their two new dogs are bigger and just as messy as their kids.

“They slobber on work clothes — they shake their heads and it goes flying everywhere,” said Joshua Fisher, according to Little Things. “We have to keep emergency towels around the house and their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy, but it is worth it.”

Though Joshua Fisher wanted to get a horse, the family instead opted for two dogs. The family ended up settling on two Newfoundlands named Ralphie and Boss. Now the three Fisher boys consider Ralphie and Boss to be their brothers and have cultivated the cutest bond with the two dogs.

“We didn’t realize how big they were in-person until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders,” said Bee Fisher.

The Fishers were careful when they introduced the pets to their boys —Lenox, Cruz and Tegan— but the family recognized that there was an instant connection. That’s probably because Ralphie and Boss aren’t your standard family dogs. They serve as great babysitters for their human brothers and can grow to be 6-ft long, according to the Little Things.

The Fishers have documented their amazing interspecies relationship in some adorable photos. Despite their potential to grow to a massive size, Ralphie already weighs in at 125 and Boss at 160, the two are gentle giants.

“They are sweet and loving,” Joshua Fisher said. “It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things, Instagram/ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

The best babysitters around.

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