Tennessee Couple Facing Charges After 3 Kids, 21 Animals Found Living In Abhorrent Conditions

A revolting story has emerged out of the state of Tennessee, and the parents at the center of it are now facing some serious charges.

The Soddy-Daisy Police Department was requested to perform a welfare check on an area home. It’s a good thing that call was made, as responding officers would find three young children that were subjected to living in absolutely abominable conditions.

As ABC News shares, the home was completely littered with trash, and animal feces were everywhere they turned.

Stacy Tallent and Dustin Tallent, both 31, were arrested and charged with child neglect as a result. The children were taken to the hospital to be checked out, and they are now in the custody of the Division of Children’s Services.

A neighbor phoned the authorities to express concerns about the children that were living in the home, and the responding officers would subsequently have their minds blown.

In addition to the revolting conditions, it was discovered that the couple had 21 animals in the home - some living and some dead. The Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga was tasked with rescuing and providing shelter for the surviving animals.

Wallace Tallent, the suspect's father, was reached for commentary, and he doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation at hand.

“You can't leave or have your house looking like they do, especially when you got kids and stuff. There's no criminal activity or criminal intent here."

"It's a matter of very, very poor housekeeping," he said. "They need a lot more guidance and a lot more guidance than we've been able to provide."

Poor housekeeping may have led to some furrowed brows from the officers, but the children wouldn’t have been removed from the home if their own safety and well-being wasn’t in question. It was, and that’s due to the revolting filth that the children were subjected to living in.

Photos of the home in question show one that is in complete disarray, and it’s hard to fathom how anyone could live in such conditions. Additionally, the photos indicate that at least one of the children was being kept inside of a locked room.

Trash is all over the place, not to mention the rampant animal feces, some of which is smeared all over the walls. The animals themselves were reported to be quite thin and infested with parasites and fleas, and that’s just the living ones.

The authorities would make the shocking discovery that 11 of the animals were found to be dead inside of a freezer. Bob Citrullo, HES Executive Director, provided some additional insight into this horrifying situation.

"We saw that there was definitely a dire situation with these animals. Animals at a minimum have been neglected, they're full of parasites," Citrullo said.

There’s a very real possibility that charges of animal cruelty will also be dropped on the couple. No word on whether or not they have retained an attorney as of yet, but it certainly sounds as if they’re going to need one.

Regardless, we’ll hold out hope that as many books as possible are thrown at them. They have clearly demonstrated that they have absolutely no business being parents, let alone deserve to see the light of day.

Source: ABC News, WRCB
Photo: The Humane Educational Society, Twitter

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