Rescuers Save A Stray Dog And Her Puppies, But Then They Discover Something Unexpected

An animal rescue team got a call about a stray pit bull in someone's yard. The team rushed to help the dog and showed her love and compassion. Once she trusted them, she tried to tell them that something was wrong.

Eldad Hagar got the news about the pit bull and hurried over. She found a spot in the yard where she gave birth to a litter of puppies. The new doggie momma was a bit nervous when animal rescuers tried to approach her, but with neighbors helping to block her escape they were able to corner her.

The dog began to calm down when Hagar showed her a loving hand. She was even more relieved when they brought her litter of puppies to her in a box. The new mother sniffed her babies and was happy to get into the car with them.

Hagar rushed mother and babies to the vet. They dubbed the mom 'Lexus,' and named the babies 'Beemer', 'Prius', 'Mercedes' and 'Cooper.' Mother got a chance to rest on a warm, comfy cushion while the pups were able to nurse. Then the whole little family got a much needed flea bath.

At that point, Lexus began to trust her human friends. She went over to Hagar and put her paw on his lap. She began to cry. He realized she was trying to tell him something - something was wrong!

The vet checked and an ultrasound showed that Hagar had swallowed a bottle cap. They didn't want to give the nursing mom surgery, so they tried to induce vomiting first. Thankfully, it worked, and the cap came up.

Now Lexus and her pups are with a foster family, and they're all ready to be adopted. Looks like it’s a happy ending for Lexus and her brood.

Source: Meow Bark Moo
Photo: Meow Bark Moo

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