Oregon Police Responding To Cries Of 'Help' Find Unlikely Culprit

When Lee Purdy, a long-term driver for UPS, heard faint screams coming from inside a Clackamas County home, he knew that he couldn’t risk not telling anyone. After calling his wife, Mr. Purdy told her that he had heard what sounded like a woman screaming ‘Help, Help’ when he dropped off a package at the Oregon home.

However, the longer Mr. Purdy talked with his wife, the less confident he was that he had heard anything at all. Nevertheless, Mrs. Purdy quickly realized that her husband was troubled by the incident and decided to call 9-11 to tell them her husband’s story just in case there was someone trapped in the house.

"It was clearly weighing on him, so she thought she better call," said Brian Jensen, a spokesperson for the county sheriff's office, during an interview with CBS News.

After hearing Mr. Purdy’s story, the 9-11 operator quickly dispatched Deputy Hayden Sanders to the scene. When Deputy Sanders arrived at the house, he was able to contact the property owner after knocking on the door. After Deputy Sanders explained the cause of his visit, the confused owner quickly agreed to let the Clackamas Deputy have a look inside.

As he moved through the house, Deputy Sanders quickly realized what had prompted Mrs. Purdy’s uneasy 9-11 call. According to Inside Edition, the ‘screaming woman’ from the 9-11 report was actually the homeowner’s pet bird, Diego the Parrot.

“No one needed assistance and the bird was in fine shape," said Mr. Jensen. "We're thankful. It's super funny. We were ribbing [Sanders] a little bit. We're just glad that no one, including the bird, actually needed any help," Jensen added.

This isn’t the first time that Clackamas Sheriff’s Deputies have encountered strange animal-related situations. One week before receiving Mrs. Purdy’s call, Clackamas Deputy Lon Steinhauer responded to a female driver on the side of the road who found a spider in her car.

Fortunately for the unnamed driver, Deputy Steinhauer was able to remove the unwanted creature, with CBS News writing: “Luckily, Steinhauer was able to catch the perp in time, using gloves to remove the insect from her vehicle.”

Mr. Jensen also acknowledged this incident during his most recent press conference. "It's crazy to watch. One of our deputies joked we're turning into Animal Planet."

The Facebook page for Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office later acknowledged the strange encounter, uploading a link to a local story on the incident and writing:

"Sheriff's deputies respond to all kinds of odd emergencies. Cats stuck in trees, horses that have fallen down ravines and, sometimes, frightening arachnids that have spooked local drivers. That's what happened to Deputy Lon Steinhauer of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office sometime before 9 a.m. Wednesday near Clackamas."

Although animal-related calls are an uncommon request for the authorities, Clackamas Sheriff’s Office is more than happy to respond to the calls. "We're shaking our heads at it -- like, what in the world?" said Mr. Jensen. "But we're super happy these are the calls we're getting. We'd much rather have these."

Source: Inside Edition, CBS News
Photo: YouTube

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