NFL Player Looks To Adopt Dog, Picks The Least Popular Of The Lot

When it comes to adoption by a good, caring owner, some dogs get lucky and some don't. Younger dogs, dogs who are attractive and have suffered through fewer traumas in their life are likely to spend little time in shelters before finding a forever home. Other dogs are neglected, deemed undesirable by many seeking to adopt a pet.

One NFL players showed up at a shelter and specifically asked for a 'not so adoptable' dog. The shelter was thrilled, as was the sports star, and the lucky pup who went home with him.

Baltimore Raven Ronnie Stanley is an animal lover. He and his girlfriend, Emily, went to the BARCS shelter to adopt a new pet, but he had a specific type of animal in mind. He wanted a dog that no one else was willing to give a chance.

"We are looking for a dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable,” Stanley told the shelter staff.

The staff was delighted to oblige the football player and his girlfriend. They showed the couple several dogs that had been sitting in shelters for years. There were older dogs, physically imperfect dogs and dogs with medical issues that no one seemed to want.

Stanley ultimately chose a dog named Winter.

Winter was six years old and had a hard life. "She was found on a vacant property, on a hot day with no electricity, or open windows. She was dehydrated and extremely frightened. Winter has a long, hanging belly, most likely a result of over breeding–something we see far too often at our shelter. Due to her age, her belly is not something that will ever tighten up. Female dogs with such characteristics are often passed by in our shelter–but not by Ronnie!" the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

"Ronnie’s thought on Winter’s belly, as recalled by our volunteers: ‘Well, that’s just what happens when you’ve had babies.’ He was much more interested in getting lots of face kisses from Winter and falling in love, rather than being worried about the appearance of her tummy. What a great guy!” the shelter said.

Stanley thought that since the pup was getting a new life, she should have a new name. He re-named her Lola, and she is absolutely loving her new home and family. Stanley has a big yard for her to run around in all day. She also enjoys cozying up on the couch, and on the bed.

Lola is especially enjoying the love and affection that she never got before.

Stanley thinks he's the lucky one, though. The couple grew to love Lola so much that they went back to the shelter and got her a brother. This time, they brought home a pot-bellied dog named Rico.

Rico and Lola love each other, love their home, and especially love their new parents. Stanley wasn't done, though. He held a fundraiser to raise $5,000 for the shelter that took such good care of Rico and Lola for many years.

Source: Animal Channel
Photo: YouTube

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