Hospital Workers Race to Action After Discovering Bag of Kittens in Bathroom

The A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneota, New York provides a 'broad spectrum of healthcare', according to their website. The hospital boasts specialties in cancer, cardiac care, and it even has a gender wellness center.

Normally, though, the staff at the hospital treats human beings. However, they got an opportunity to broaden their area of expertise even more recently after making a discovery in a public bathroom.

Last Wednesday was a typical day for hospital staff, until someone hear a strange noise. The staff members began investigating, and the noise finally led them to a woman's bathroom.

They went into the bathroom and looked around, and find a bag on the floor. No one was inside the bathroom, so someone had left it behind, and apparently not by accident. The bag was moving and making noise.

Upon investigating the contents of the bag, staff members discovered that it was full of kittens-- 19 in total. The kittens were small, stressed and crying.

Hospital workers lept into action. They knew they had to take care of those baby cats, stat.

“They moved them all into a box and sped right down here,” Susquehanna Animal Shelter communications coordinator, Becca Daly, told The Dodo in an interview. "It was all hands on deck. They all needed to be fed and weighed right away, which was a lot to get done with 19 kittens at once.”

The kittens were estimated to be about two to three days old. The smallest even still had an umbilical cord attached. They also appeared to be from three different litters.

The hospital said it wasn't unusual for people to abandon animals when a pet unexpectedly gives birth, or when a litter of strays are found on their property.

“It happens in our community far too much,” Daly said. “I think people do things like this because they think they’ll get in trouble or be embarrassed about bringing an animal to the shelter ... But it’s really in the best interest of the animals to speak up and bring them somewhere safe.”

Security at the hospital where the kittens were found is reviewing the security camera footage to see if they can spot the culprit who dumped the kittens off.

The hospital staff didn't know how long the bag of kittens had been in the bathroom, but probably not very long. None of the kittens were starving. In fact, they all seemed pretty healthy, if not a little distressed. "We were really surprised they were doing so well," Daly said.

The shelter had their hands full keeping the 19 kittens fed, though. Newborn kittens separated from their mother need to be hand-fed every two hours.

There is a mother cat at the shelter who was still lactating. She had just weaned her own little kittens, so the staff gave her some of the tiniest kittens that were found in the bag. They were hoping that maternal instincts would kick in, and they did. The mother cat adopted the smallest as her own.

“Two days old is so little to not have a mom,” Daly said. “Their chance of survival is much better now, having actual milk and warmth from a mom. She’s really saving their lives.”

Fosters are helping the other kittens. The little guys might have gotten a rough start, but it looks like they’ll get the care and love they need now.

Source: The Dodo
Photos: Susquehanna Animal Shelter via The Dodo

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