Giant Mastiff Dog Was On The Menu Until This Happened - His Transformation Is Mind Blowing

The Humane Society International does some great work in rescuing animals and placing them in loving homes. For one dog, they showed up not a minute too soon.

The dog, dubbed 'Waldo,' was found 'weak and emaciated' on a horrific farm in South Korea. This was a meat farm, and had Waldo not been rescued he probably would have been butchered and eaten.

Pictures of Waldo's rescue are heartbreaking. The dog was kept prisoner in a tiny cage, barely big enough for him to move around. The large mastiff's ribs were showing because he was so undernourished. He had sores on his skin, an eye infection, and his body language showed he lived a life of neglect and abuse.

Waldo got the love and care he deserved. After being healed, rehabilitated and after putting on a good bit of weight, Waldo was re-homed to a family with a farm in Virginia.

Not only does Waldo get the love and care he deserves, he gets to frolic in green pastures in the fresh air. The wagging tail says it all-- Waldo is goofy, playful and friendly towards the other animals on the farm.

It’s sad to think about dogs like Waldo, the abuse they suffer and the miserable lives they lead. Thankfully, animal lovers are on the job, seeking them out to give them a better life.

Source: Little Things
Photo: AtSciences

Poor pup. Thankfully he was rescued.

He's back to normal.

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