Driver Leads Cops On High-Speed Chase - Then They Realize What The Problem Is And Leap Into Action

Peter Rogaishio was in a race against time, and the consequences could be damned as far as he was concerned. He hopped in his truck and started driving like a maniac while flashing his lights and honking his horn, and he would even drive past a police cruiser at breakneck speed.

The cops obviously weren’t too thrilled with the reckless motorist's actions, so they were soon in hot pursuit to get him to pull over.

After a dangerous high-speed chase, the cops were finally able to get him to pull him over with a roadblock. They were understandably ready to haul him in for driving like an idiot, but they quickly understood what the problem was when he exited the vehicle with his hands up.

“My dog is dying!” he said.

As Little Things shares, Rogaishio’s pet Doberman, Thor, was in the backseat clinging to life. He had been struck by two cars after escaping his yard, and he broke three of his legs.

Thor was in rough shape and bleeding, and Rogaishio had no choice but to rush him to the vet when Animal Control didn’t respond to his calls for emergency help.

One of the cops would take charge of the scene and rush Thor to get some help. The other responding officer would deal with Rogaishio and hold him accountable for his actions.

He certainly has a price to pay for behaving so dangerously, but his actions may have saved Thor’s life. Thor is on the mend and still has a long road ahead, and the family has taken to GoFundMe to share their story and try to raise some money to help out with his hospital bills.

“Peter was desperately trying to save his dog's life and was caught in heavy rush hour traffic. While on West Central Street he illegally passed several vehicles, one being a Natick Police Officer. Natick Police put on their lights, but Peter was in a life or death situation and kept going. He finally pulled over and was arrested on the spot,” the family wrote.

“He was yelling at the officers that his dog was hit. The police saw the blood all over Peter and looked in the back seat. There they discovered Thor who lay lifeless. The police took Peter's truck and rushed Thor to the Emergency room at IVG MetroWest in Natick.”

This is one of those impossible situations that amount to a no-win regardless of the choice that you make. If he had waited any longer, his dog would’ve died.

He knew full well that he could be arrested for driving like a maniac, but it was a risk that he felt he had to take to save his beloved four-legged friend’s life. The cops understood that there were some extenuating circumstances at play, and he was fortunate that they allowed him to walk away with an order to complete a traffic safety course in the next two months.

“Thor had to be transported by IVG MetroWest to Tufts Medical in Grafton where he miraculously is still alive. He has three broken legs. Compound breaks to both of his front two legs and a shattered femur,” the page continues. “In addition, he has facial injuries along with numerous other injuries. Thor's will to survive is amazing, he has the heart of a lion!”

Source: Little Things
Photo: WBZ4

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