Doctors Deliver Devastating News To Woman Who Sleeps With Her Snake

Almost everyone enjoys the sensation of sleeping next to another warm body. If you don’t have a human partner, then a cuddly pet like a cat or dog will suffice as a reasonable substitute. However, not all pets are ideal bed cuddle buddies…let’s just say it’s not in their nature.

One woman in California learned this the hard way when she developed the habit of letting her beloved giant python sleep next to her in her bed almost every night. She would just find a position in bed and let the snake slither around and curl up wherever it wanted, and they’d both sleep the night away. This went on for several weeks.

However, it seems that a giant python doesn’t have quite the same perspective as a human being about the role of a sleeping partner. The owner of the python noted that her snake gradually stopped eating despite the fact it seemed perfectly healthy and had no signs of disease or injury. She was puzzled by this, and eventually took the snake in to see the vet.

After a barrage of tests on the snake came up negative, the owner faced a close questioning from the puzzled vet. When the subject of the woman often sleeping with her giant python pet came up, the vet had an “a ha” moment.

He leaned forward and explained to the surprised owner of the python that she would have to stop sleeping with the python as it was not healthy for either one of them. When she expressed her surprise, the vet told her the python did not share her human concept of a sleeping partner to cuddle with, in fact, rather the opposite.

The vet told her the reason the 15-foot-snake was not eating was that it was intentionally starving itself in preparation for a very big meal…her.

That’s right, as far as the snake was concerned, a not-moving warm body of almost any size was an ideal meal, and when it was hungry enough, the snake would have tried to choke to death and then swallow his bedmate whole!

Source: Boredome Therapy
Photo: YouTube

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