Cat Sitter Caught Red-Handed On Owners Hidden Camera (Video)

When Audrey Yang hired a cat sitter to stop by her Queens home every day to feed and check on her cat, she didn’t think her house would be used as a place for the sitter to get laid.

Yang was going on vacation to Australia with her husband for 19 days and reached out to Pet Parade to have someone care for her cat, Meow Meow. They seemed like a reputable service to her, PIX11 reports.

Co-owner Ahmet Ozturk was responsible for coming to her home around 3 p.m. to spend a half hour with the cat. Yang was concerned when she got a text from her surveillance system saying someone came up to the apartment at 9 or 10 at night.

Photos sent to her phone showed Ozturk with a woman, who he had lots of sex with in Yang’s apartment. Yang was furious and tried to text Ozturk, but he didn’t pick up. Yang then called a friend to go to the house to throw them out. She actually forced the woman out without her pants on. PIX 11 caught up with Ozturk who didn’t deny the act.

“I’m deeply apologetic. I’ve never done this before,” he told me. “My love for animals is unprecedented you know. I love animals. I’ve never done this before. I made a mistake. I do deeply regret it.”

Ozturk paid to have Yang’s apartment cleaned.

Source: Pix11
Photo: YouTube

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