Boy Lets Out A Blood-Curdling Cry - Mother Horrified By What She Finds (Photos)

A six-year-old boy in Australia is lucky to be alive after a terrifying incident in his own home. His mother, Tamara, was awoken by the blood-curdling screams of her own child, and she quickly rushed into his room to find a true nightmare scenario. As the Sydney Morning-Herald explains, Tamara would find a nearly ten-foot-long python was wrapped around her son’s body.

Tamara leapt into action and was somehow able to rip the snake off of her son’s body.

"It was like a nightmare. It was a terrifying scream and I didn't know what had happened - I certainly didn't think it involved a snake. I have no idea how it even got into the house," she said.

She grabbed her son and got out of the house. Tamara quickly brought her son to the nearby Macksville District Hospital, and phoned up her cousins, who came to her home and "dealt with the snake." One of the cousins snapped a photo of the snake to share on social media, and it truly is a massive creature. It’s incredible that Tamara was able to wrestle the snake off of her son, who would only suffer a minor wound from the scary incident.

"Tyler doesn't remember anything - which is the best part. He was only complaining about his finger hurting. He tapped his head on the way to hospital and he asked me why he was bleeding. He wouldn't know that a snake had bitten him if we hadn't told him or if people hadn't been talking about it," Tamara continues.

It still remains unclear how the snake got in the home, but you can rest assured that Tamara has done her best to snake proof the surrounding area. The boy was released from the hospital and is said to be doing fine, and hopefully he will not suffer from any long-term trauma as a result of the attack. No word on exactly how the cousins dealt with the snake.

Source: SMH
Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

Snake attacks sleeping boy.

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