American Hunter Defends Herself After Facebook Post Goes Viral

Jessica Grays, a veteran American hunter, has been slammed after she uploaded a photo on Facebook that applauded her partner for killing a moose while on a hunting trip in Alaska. Ms. Grays uploaded 20 photos of the dead animal to her Facebook page: ‘Jessica Grays Hunting Adventures’ and captioned the post:

“A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my partner in crime on harvesting this MONSTER BULL! Many years guiding these big animals and now he has one of his own! Alaska is seriously amazing and I count myself lucky for getting to come back every year! Weather hasn't been on our side and may be stuck a little longer...#hunting #moosehunting #alaska #outdoors #magicofthewild #alaskabush #sickforit #adventure #TAC”

In the main photo, both Ms. Grays and her partner are shown grinning and sitting next to the mighty antlers of the dead moose. Other photos show Ms. Grays walking back to camp, with the gigantic antlers slung over her shoulders.

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Grays’ Facebook post has elicited a strong and divisive reaction from other social media users. At the time of writing, the post had secured 1000 likes and over 780 comments. Initially, the overwhelming majority of comments expressed outrage and anger at Ms. Grays for killing such a majestic animal. However, after Ms. Grays penned a lengthy reply to the abusive comments, hundreds of fellow hunters, friends and family commented in support of the veteran hunter.

Here are some of the most offensive comments that Ms. Grays received:

“What horrendous cowards these people are! Not hunters at all. Just murderers killing defenseless animals with high-powered guns. No skill there, just weak acts of [cowardice] by despicable insecure idiots.”

“You are one disgusting ugly vile wench. Nature is something to stand back and admire. Not to murder, cut its head off, and nail to your wall. I can only pray that one day, karma returns the favor, and your head ends up on someone’s wall.”

“It truly is beyond my comprehension that anyone gets joy and excitement out of killing magnificent animals. Something is definitely lacking in trophy hunters like you, probably a soul.”

This is a condensed version of Ms. Grays reply:

“I find it unfortunate that the day after we as a nation suffer the greatest loss of human life in the tragic Las Vegas shooting; that instead of coming together as a nation to preserve and honor the sanctity of human life, I have received hundreds of death threats from the anti hunting community… For me hunting is a part of who I am, I am very passionate about it. It has been my husband’s dream to harvest a moose for over 20 years. I value the animals life and the process it takes to hunt them. Nothing goes to waste… Hunters bring billions of dollars each year to conservation programs. I travel the world giving to conservation so that the animals will be around for my children and theirs to come. Managing wildlife is a balancing act. If we do nothing the numbers animals will drastically decline and we won’t be able to enjoy them, let alone our posterity. But with management we are protecting and preserving these animals and helping them THRIVE in the wild!”)

In 2016, a similar furor was raised when photos emerged of President Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric, posing with animals killed during an African hunting trip.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Facebook

Grays was slammed for the posts.

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