9-Foot-Long Shark Eaten By 'Super Predator' - Spotted By Researchers (Video)

If you plan on going swimming off the coast of Western Australia anytime soon, this news might make you think twice about it. A film crew of scientists were tracking a 'huge' great white shark, but have reason to suspect the massive creature was eaten by a 'super predator.'

Dave Riggs, a member of the documentary crew, was working on the film that tracked the 10-foot great white shark. The shark was tagged with a satellite tracker as part of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's. Four months into filming, the tag washed up on a beach.

"There was no algae growth and it (the tag) was white - it looked like it had been bleached in stomach acid," said Riggs to Mail Online.

Data from the tracker showed that the large shark took an abrupt fall nearly 2,000 feet down a continental shelf. There was also a sudden and significant rise in the shark's body temperature, further lending to the theory that the shark was eaten by a larger creature.

"The data contained on the shark showed at least the tag had been ingested with an animal with the internal temperature of 26 degrees," Riggs explains.

Riggs learned of a sighting of a 35-foot-long animal in the area from a local sperm whale hunter. For those living in mortal fear of megalodon, the prehistoric giant shark that some recent documentaries say is not actually extinct, you can rest easy. Riggs doesn't think that's the case.

"I'm not going down to notion of a prehistoric beast roaming out there," he said. "This is nature at work and we are just trying to get to the bottom of something that happened years ago," he concludes.

Whatever it is, Riggs suspects that something that big roaming around the ocean can't go unnoticed for long.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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