Veteran Furious About Protesters Burning The Flag - His Message Is Going Viral (Video)

Veteran Eric Post is extremely disturbed by what he saw. In an attempt to express their First Amendment rights, protestors were holding an event called the “Flag Burning Extravaganza” to show their opposition of President Trump. Although he agrees that people should be allowed to express their views peacefully, he also believes it is completely disrespectful to military members to burn the symbol they fight for.

Instead of showing up at the event, and most likely getting into a heated argument with someone, he decided to create and post a video of him from the Willamette National Cemetery. It’s going viral.

“I knew that if actually I was going to create change, I wasn't going to fight hate with hate,” Post said. “It was going to be collecting my thoughts and sharing a message and speaking for people who couldn't speak themselves and those are the people buried here.”

Source: KATU
Photo: Mad World News

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