Girl Attacked and Raped, Terrified by What's Found on Doctor's Report

As if being raped while trying to celebrate a holiday wasn’t traumatizing enough, one 18-year-old victim of the Cologne train attacks in Germany had to endure an abortion. The victim says she became pregnant, and was raped while watching another girl get raped next to her.

According to MailOnline, the two girls are the first reported cases of forced rape on at the Cologne train station and in Hamburg on New Year’s Eve when more than 1,200 sexual assaults were reported across Germany by gangs of immigrant men of “Arab” or “North African” descent.

'She was separated from her girlfriend, and ended up being shoved from one man to another,” authorities told MailOnline. “She was then thrown to the floor and raped. She told me that a few metres away she saw another girl lying on the ground, also being raped.”

MailOnline said the woman was too ashamed to go to police or report the rap, but did visit the hospital where she found out she was pregnant. She had an abortion but admitted that she wasn't 100 percent sure if her attacker was the father of her unborn child.

“They didn't look at me aggressively, they seemed more curious than anything, and a little drunk,” a 30-year-old woman local told news of the “Arab-looking men” who assaulted her. “I was furious.”

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Twitter

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