Findings on ISIS Computers Reveal Disturbing Images Beyond Beheadings

For a bunch of fundamentalists who fight so fiercely in the name of God, ISIS is also apparently into hardcore porn.

The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn detailed ISIS’ strange pornography addiction in his book “The Field of Fight,” which witnessed while fighting Al Qaeda, which later became ISIS.

“Some of it was really bad, and it was all over the map. Some of it was kids, animals,” the former intelligence analyst told ABC News, according to Mad World News. “[W]e were facing a despicable foe, one who would rape and pillage women and children, boys and girls, behead for fun, all while watching pornography on their laptops. At one point, we determined that 80 percent of the material on the laptops we were capturing was pornography.”

Other military officials confirm the same.

“There has yet to be a case where some crazy porn stuff hasn’t come up,” a senior law enforcement official said. “It never fails.”

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Daily News, Yahoo

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