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10 Freakiest Things In Nature You Didn't Know About

Nature can be so beautiful and powerful, it can also be terrifying! There are some things in nature you might never have heard of-- and if you scare easily, you might not want to hear about them now. You will never look at the world the same way again.

Wrap Around Spider

This will cure that impetuous desire you might have to climb a tree or sit on a low limb. These 'Dolophones conifera' spiders, also known as the 'wrap-around spider', are flat arachnids that wrap their bodies around trees as camouflage.


Dead Man's Fingers

No, it's not a scene from 'Night of the Living Dead'. It's a fungus growing out of the ground. 'Xylaria polymorpha' is a saprobic fungus that was dubbed 'dead man's fingers' for obvious reasons. It might make a great lawn decoration for Halloween, but would otherwise be an unfortunate specimen to run into if you were hiking through the woods.


Hammerhead Bat

People were so terrified of this giant bat that Snopes got emails from people begging to be told the picture was photoshopped. Snopes confirmed that it is, in fact, real. It is 'Hypsignathus monstrosus', otherwise known as the 'hammerhead bat'.


Self-Cannibalizing Lizards

To some people, geckos-- little green lizards-- are quite cute. Some even raise them in tanks in their own home, and one insurance company made a One person who owned a gecko freaked people on social media out when she posted an image of her little pet cannibalizing himself. He ate his own tail.


Acid Spitting Ants

Did you know that there is a species of ant that spits acid? That's right-- the 'Formica rufa'. Good luck enjoying that next picnic.

Reddit/Bored Panda

Volcano Fish

These little black squirmers with translucent fangs are creepy. The shocking thing about these little guys is that they're tough enough to survive in volcanos.


The Lamprey Fish

If movies like 'Jaws' and 'The Meg' were not enough to make you want to stay out of the water, just take a look at the lamprey fish. It looks like the kind of alien creature from a horror sci fi movie that might burst out of someone’s chest.


Giant Isopods

And if that also wasn't enough to ruin your next beach vacation, take a look at what is lurking in the cold, dark depths of the world's largest oceans: giant isopods.


Goliath Tigerfish

Rivers aren't safe, either, apparently. This Congo River dweller grow up to nearly 5 feet in length, weighing in at up to 110 pounds. While fishermen might prize these rare catches, those teeth are the stuff of nightmares.


Bleeding Tree

If you can't stand the sight of blood, you might want to be careful about cutting into the Pterocarupus angolensis, otherwise known as the 'Bloodwood tree'. These trees bleed like they have a soul, and you have just wounded it. It’s enough to make you cry (after you finish screaming).


Source: Bored Panda

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