WATCH: Woman Arrives at Hospital to Deliver Baby, FLOORED by What Comes Out

"My water broke!" is often one of the first things an expectant mother will say when she goes into labor. This means that the amniotic sac carrying the baby and fluids as burst and the baby's ready to be born. It doesn't happen that way for every woman, though. One birth captured on film shows a baby born in an intact amniotic sac.

Doctors filmed the 'miracle baby' in Spain and posted the footage on social media. The footage features the baby outside of his mother's womb but still completely encased in the sac, also known as a 'caul.' Through the thin skin of the sac you can see the baby moving around. The umbilical cord is still intact between the baby and the mother, which is how the baby breathes in the fluids.

The baby was part of a twin birth. His sibling came just minutes before in a normal birth. The mother was shocked and medical attendants were fascinated to get a life glimpse at something rarely seen: what a baby looks like in the womb.

It's unusual for a baby to be born in the sac because if it doesn't burst of its own accord from the contractions, doctors usually puncture it.

When the doctor pops the membrane, the baby comes spilling out into his hands. More than 7 million people have watched the amazing birth on YouTube.

Warning: Graphic

Source: Express
Photo: 123RF, YouTube

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