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Man Finds Intruder Sleeping on The Sofa, Decides Not to Disturb Him

It's not the first time a drunken partier stumbled into the wrong residence in the middle of the night, but usually, those stories end up with police being called or people being chased off into the night by angry homeowners. In New Zealand, it works a little differently-- at least, for one farmer. When he woke up and found a drunk young lad passed out on his couch, he decided to let the guy sleep it off.

A university student was attending the Northern Bass Festival in Kaiwaka, and he might have been having just a little too much fun. After the festival was over, he got a little lost. He thought he could cut through the farms to find his way back to his lodgings, but after hiking a few miles in the middle of the night while drunk, he realized it wasn't the best plan.

Then he spotted something. "There’s a house, I’ll just go and crash in that," he reportedly thought to himself.

The next morning, his unwitting host woke up. Gordon Pryor of Mangawhai found the young man from the University of Canterbury crashed on his sofa. Thankfully for the student, Pryor had a good nature. He decided to let the lad sleep it off-- but not before taking a photo of the uninvited guest and sharing them on social media.

Most people thought it was hilarious. It turns out in New Zealand, people are typically pretty cool about this kind of thing.

“Lol I’ve done the same thing in Mangawhai years ago I got a hell of a fright wen I wokeup and some lady had put a blanket on me haaha was very awkward next morning," one woman responded on Instagram.

Some other locals recall finding strangers asleep on their property after a night of binge drinking. One person found a guy in his backyard trampoline. Another found two people passed out in the bed of his truck.

Later in the day, the young man finally woke up to find his host sitting at the table. Pryor offered him a cup of coffee and some toast.

"He said, ‘That’d be good, cheers,’ so I said to him, ‘There’s the f***en jug, you get over there and sort it out because you’ve had a free night’s kip and I’m not making you coffee. You get up there and help yourself,’” Pryor told Yahoo! News.

After all the laughs, Pryor says he gave the young man a good talking to and made it clear that it wasn't a nice thing to do. “I just slowly wound him up and teased him a bit and made it quite clearly known that what he’d done was not exactly acceptable, but at the end of the day it was seen as a harmless thing to do,” says Pryor.

Pryor does say that the guest was at least apologetic, calling him a 'really humble, a helluva nice kid'. It seems the young man boarded the wrong shuttle bus and was let off eight miles away. His pure exhaustion was probably the motivating factor behind the bad decision to break into a home and curl up on the sofa.

No harm, no foul, though. The two took some selfies together to document the incident on social media further, then went their separate ways. At least they each got a great story out of it.
Source: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo, Dailymail

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