Man Confesses 4-Year-Old Victim Watched Him Kill Her Parents Before He Drowned The Child

A Crimean culprit confessed to authorities that a robbery turned murderous, resulting in some terrifying last moments for a four-year-old girl. The man says he initially intended to rob the family, but when the father fought back, it ended in bloodshed.

He killed the father, then the mother, right in front of their child. He then killed the little girl by drowning her.

Warder Raven Samar, a 28-year-old killer, not only told police about his shocking deeds, but he brought investigators to the crime scene to demonstrate what had happened. The family met with Samar to buy a car, but the thief had other dealings in mind.

Konstantin Larkov, a 35-year-old father of one, brought his partner, 32-year-old Inna Khodareva, and their four-year-old daughter, Arina, to meet with Samar. Samar lured the family to the place by claiming he had a car to sell, and he arranged a partial exchange with Larkov.

The two were supposed to trade vehicles, with Larkov agreeing to pay an additional 255,000 robles ($4487 US dollars), in the exchange for the more expensive vehicle.

When he met the family at the designated place, he then asked them to give him a lift to his car. The family followed Samar's directions, but then the thief pretended that he was feeling sick. He asked the family to pull over near a remote beach.

When they pulled over, Samar pulled out a pistol, which he was issued by the government when he began working as a prison guard. The devious man demanded the cash that the father brought for the 'trade' deal. Larkov refused and began fighting back in the car.

He was shot five times, including once in the chest. Reports say he died immediately while Khodareva and Arina looked on in horror.

Wanting to eliminate witnesses to the murder, Samar then turned his gun on Khodareva. He shot her twice, killing her as well.

Arina, the killer reveals, was cowering on her knees on the back seat next to her mother's body. Samar took the money and Larkov's Samsung mobile phone. She then put the car into first gear and directed it toward Kerch Strait, a waterway that connects the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

The car rolled into the water with Arina still very much alive. Samar watched as the car sank before fleeing.

When the family didn't return home, their dogs got hungry and became very loud. This sparked neighbors to report the disappearance. Missing posters of the family were plastered all over the local area.

Samar, who is the father of a young child himself, was caught a week later and confessed to the killings.

The car was found where Samar directed authorities to look. The three bodies were still in it. Public outrage over the crime was so strong that Vladimir Putin has called for Russia to bring back the death penalty.

The death penalty was suspended indefinitely in Russia under moratorium, and hasn't been carried out since 1999.

“I am in deep shock,” said community activist Alexander Talipov, who was stunned by the violent crime. "Why did we get rid off the death penalty?”

Source: Mirror
Photos: JOYMUSA, You Tube, Mirror

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