Kid Locked In Vehicle As Mom Does Food Shopping Rescued After Fire Breaks Out Nearby

Through the years, there have been a ton of horrifying cases in which infants have been left unattended in parked vehicles. Far too many of them ended in tragic fashion.

As a result, there’s an increased awareness of the perils of leaving kids alone in cars, even when it’s just for a ‘minute.’ Or at least there should be.

A new case has come to light in the UK, and this one has sparked a ton of debate.

As Metro shares, Leanne Adams went out to do some food shopping at the Aldi in Bournemouth, Dorset. Her 10-year-old son was in tow, and she thought it would be fine if he stayed behind in the car while she got her errands done.

All hell broke loose soon thereafter. Another car in the parking lot caught fire soon thereafter, and the flames began to spread to other vehicles.

Security guard Sam Webb was on the scene, and he explains the frantic moments when bystanders realized there was a kid in one of the vehicles that were close to the fire.

“I just ran out to the X-Trail, not even thinking, and put the window through. When I tried the doors of the car, they wouldn’t open,” he recalled. “I punched it to get through it. I broke two bones in my fingers, and I had loads of glass in my hand.”

The tale gained a ton of traction in the local press, and the mom was blasted by critics for leaving her child unattended. However, she’s speaking out to defend herself in the wake of what can best be described as a freak incident.

“He was in our car with doors locked playing on my phone because he hates shopping. We locked the car and told him not to talk to strangers. A car two spaces away caught fire," she said.

"He could have gotten out of the car, he didn’t because he didn’t notice there was a fire until the security guard smashed the window and because he followed our instructions not to open the door to strangers,” she explains. “After speaking to the police they were fine with his age, but it would have been a problem if he were five or six.”

As she sees it, her son was old enough to be left by himself for such a short period of time, and he would’ve been just fine in the absence of such a random occurrence.

“My son is 10 years old and as you can imagine hates shopping. I let him stay in the car, which was parked near the front of Aldi which was the only shop we were popping into," she said. "Unfortunately, we cannot foresee the unforeseeable and would never have anticipated a car bursting into flames when leaving him."

“It will not be something I’ll be doing again. I think people should think again when accusing parents of child neglect as this can be very damaging.”

The story has sparked a ton of mixed reaction from commenters, and it’s lead to a rather spirited debate.

“Hope the parents of the child get charged for child endangerment too! Imagine if no one had realized he was there and the fire had spread much quicker?” shared one user.

“What righteous parent hasn’t left their child in the car while they pop into the shops? Baby/toddler I understand but Jesus Christ, give the parents a break,” wrote another commenter.

Source: Metro
Photo: Metro, Fambles

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