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College Student’s Culinary Creation Prompts Threat From Iowa Police

We’ve all seen questionable culinary creations get shared with abandon on social media, but it would have to be a rather serious crime against the concept of good taste to prompt a threat from local police. Such was the case with this contribution to the culinary landscape by this enterprising student from Iowa State University. He would put together a feast reminiscent of a student that was seriously short on cash, and he managed to spark quite a conversation after sharing it.

As Today shares, Chris Jorgensen, a sophomore at ISU, was the brains behind the creation. As he explains it, he was simply struck with some inspiration when a simple question popped into his head.

For some students, such things are the starting point of an amazing personal or academic breakthrough. Jorgensen’s thought inspired neither, but it did allow him to become a viral sensation.

“I thought: ‘What could be the grossest thing I could put between two Pop-Tarts?’” he said. “So I went to the fridge and got a cheese slice.”

Jorgensen quickly slapped it together, and he was preparing to share it when his roommates made a simple demand: if he was going to share it, he had to take a bite of it. He did just that, and social media would explode soon thereafter.

“You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these,” he wrote.

Fellow Iowans didn’t take too kindly to being attached to such a hot mess, and they quickly let him know it. It was quite an interesting conversation that transpired, and it was nothing short of fascinating to see the faux outrage flow in over a creation that set the concept of a hastily crafted grilled cheese decades behind where it once was.

“I'm from Iowa and will not allow our good name to be besmirched by this food monstrosity,” shared one user.

“On behalf of iowa, this man is not from iowa. passing to wisconsin since they’re the cheese state,” wrote one commenter.

However, the Iowa State campus police department would win the day with a simple quip. Before you knew it, the departments post quickly took over Jorgensen’s in terms of popularity.

“You’re under arrest,” the department wrote.

We can safely anticipate a ton of copycats to follow Jorgensen’s pop tart grilled cheese - or whatever you want to call this monstrosity - and the possibilities are both intriguing and frightening.

The fact that Jorgensen became a viral sensation over something so simple has undoubtedly led to the thinking caps being placed on at universities across the nation - for reasons outside of study this time around. For inspiration, perhaps they can head on down to the campus police department for a little inspiration.

While they may not walk out of there with ideas on epic culinary failures, they may just well learn how to change the conversation in a hurry on social media. After all, the ISU campus police were able to do that quite deftly when faced with coming to terms with a pop tart and cheese combo.

Source: The Daily Dot, Today
Photo: Chris Jorgensen/Twitter

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