Your Body Will Give You 6 Warning Signs A Month Prior To A Heart Attack

Having knowledge about the key symptoms of a heart attack before it happens can play a critical role in saving lives. Check out these six signs of an impending heart attack:

Body Weakness

Body weakness is a key symptom of a heart attack. You feels weak because it is experiencing less blood flow and circulation. This leads to weakened muscles that may make you feel weak or cause you to fall more easily.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats

Dizziness and cold sweats are another possible sign of an impending heart attack. In this case, low blood flow because of a weak heart reduces blood flow to the brain.

Chest Pressure

If you are feeling chest pressure, you should have a doctor check it out right away, as chest pain or discomfort is a well-known symptom of a heart attack. Note that the pain may also drift into other areas of the body, especially the arms, back and shoulders.

Cold or Flu

If you experience cold and flu-like symptoms but no fever, it may be a precursor to heart trouble. A notable percentage of those suffering from heart attacks say they experienced cold or flu-like symptoms just before having a heart attack.


Fatigue is also a major indicator for a heart attack because it can be brought on by low blood flow. So, if you're left feeling overexerted and tired on a regular basis, you should definitely tell your doctor.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is another worrying symptom of a heart attack. When the arteries narrow and blood flow weakens, your lungs no longer work properly. So keep in mind that shortness of breath can also be a red flag for a near-term heart attack.

Source: Health Eternally
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