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Young Girl Awakens Healed, Indicates Who Helped Her

Are miracles the real deal or just the product of some overactive imaginations? While it’s tough to provide a blanket assessment of the alleged phenomenons, there are plenty of situations that certainly give you pause when you take the time to examine them closer.

This is one of those situations. As Shareably explains, the story began when a mom named Jamie was besides herself.

Her daughter, Brittany had fallen incredibly ill. After she suffered a grand mal seizure, Jamie rushed her daughter to the hospital. Unfortunately, Brittany’s condition would only worsen.   

“She couldn’t sit up and she couldn’t look at me to focus; and when I’d call her name she was just totally out of it, just totally gone,” Jamie recalls.

“As a mother you feel so responsible. They’re your flesh; they’ve lived in you. And when she would pull at me to help her and I couldn’t. I blamed myself a lot; I thought, ‘I’ve given my daughter this sickness.’”

Jamie had suffered from grand mal seizures herself, so she was holding herself personally responsible for what had happened to her daughter. Brittany would get progressively worse, and she got to that doctors prepared the family for the worst.

“She had been in the hospital for almost three weeks and they had tried everything; there was nothing else to try. They ran one more brainwave and they said, ‘Her whole brain is seizureing, so we can’t even take out that part of her brain or put a shunt in to help her; there’s nothing else we can do.’”

“They just said let her go home where she’ll be more peaceful in her own bed,” Jamie added. “I knew she was close to death. But I thought, ‘Lord, you said you would bring it to pass.'”

Jamie was home with her little girl and hoping against hope for a miracle. She was completely dumbfounded when her prayers were miraculously answered.  

“She kept saying, ‘Jesus, Jesus.’ And I could tell from the look on her face. Well, she’s responding and she hasn’t responded or talked to me in a good year at all,” Jamie explains.

“So when she could look at me and describe Jesus, with eyes like fire and the bright lights and the angels; who could tell a five-year-old child that? I knew that she had encountered Christ.”

A trip to the doctor was in order, and the medical pros that cared for her daughter responded with amazement when the set their sights on her.

“They just looked at her and they said the same thing, that they saw the healing in her eyes,” said Jamie. “They just knew. One of the nurses said, ‘It’s a higher power.’ And I said ‘Yes, it’s Jesus. He healed her.”

The story is pretty amazing enough based on what took place to that point, but Jamie reveals that there was another strange occurrence not too long after that. She was suffering from some debilitating headaches, and the medicine she was taking for them was making them even worse.

Her doctor worked through some tests to get to the bottom of what was going on, and he was finally able to realize something that stunned them both.

“He said, ‘A miracle has taken place. Your brainwave’s now clear. Would you like to come off your medicine?’ And sure enough I did,” Jamie explained. “I have been seizure free and drug free for 18 years.”

Source: CBN, Shareably
Photo: YouTube

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