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Woman Gets One of Only Twenty Packets of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Ever Made. She Immediately Sells It.

Throughout history, certain spices and condiments have been valued so highly that they've fetched a hefty price. When it comes to culinary delights, it seems that for connoisseurs, no price is ever too high. Just look at saffron, a yellow spice that costs around $5,000 per pound.

Some rare truffles from Italy can run as high as $2,000 per pound. High-quality balsamic vinegar that has been aged for 25 years can cost as high as $180 for a 3.4 oz. bottle.

One woman learned the value of a good condiment when she managed to snag a rare packet of seasoning from McDonald's. She ended up trading it to a guy for a car.

Rachel Marie of Macomb, Michigan snagged one of only 20 packets of McDonald's Szechuan sauce in a limited re-release of the condiment. Some say it was luck, but the 23-year-old had to work for it. When she heard the sauce was going to be distributed again for the first time in almost 20 years, she got to the McDonald's early and was first in line.

Marie had to wait hours, and by the time the sauce packets were being distributed there was a line around the block, but she got hers. A friend who came with her also got a packet. The two walked away very happy, but Marie had no idea what she had in her hands was worth even then.

The special Szechuan sauce originally was offered by McDonald's for a limited time in 1998. It was part of a promotion for the release of Disney's animated feature, "Mulan." Many people loved the sauce and have been craving it ever since - including Marie.

The sauce was re-released recently because it's featured in the plot of a “Rick and Morty” episode. Marie is a huge fan of the show.

“When McDonald’s said they were bringing it back, I thought it would be cool to get a sauce,” the 23-year-old said to the Huffington Post. But once she had the packet of liquid gold in her hands, something told her not to waste it on a burger.

Marie took a photo of her prize and posted it on Pin Nation, a pin-trading Facebook group. She was shocked by how many replies she got.

“There was actually a large response with some nice pins,” Marie said to Business Insider. “But if I could get a car, I thought, why not ask?”

Sure enough, someone was willing to make the trade. He had a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 as a second car that he didn't really need. And he really, really wanted the Szechuan sauce.

“He drove the car over so I know it was running,” Marie said. “He was a dedicated fan of the show and already had a second car.”

According to Business Insider, the anonymous trade partner did not want his name released. He told them he "just needed me some friggin sauce!!!"

Marie is thrilled with the deal she made.

Many Szechuan fans were not so thrilled. McDonald's was overwhelmed by the demand, and people who waited hours in line had no shot of getting the sauce when fewer than a couple of dozen packets went to a few restaurants. They're demanding the sauce be re-released on a larger scale, and McDonald's has promised to oblige.

People who have the sauce now and are hoping to get a good price for it might want to move on that. Once it's released again the value is going to plummet. They're currently selling for an average of $300 per pack.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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