Woman Without A Car Blasts Paramedics For Parking In Her Spot — Big Mistake

Recently in the UK, a woman was fined nearly $400 for leaving a nasty note on the windshield of an ambulance. Ambulance workers who were interviewed says that it's not uncommon for people to be rude to them when they park they inconvenience motorists in emergencies by blocking cars, driveways and streets.

One new note found on an ambulance shows that not everyone is put out when an ambulance is in the way.

The anonymous letter was left on a windshield, urging paramedics to park wherever they need to park when they're out in the field saving lives. The lengthy note calls paramedics 'unsung heroes' and praises the workers for the job that they do.

"To the paramedics/crew driving this ambulance… Please DO block our street and parking spaces if needed! Park it wherever you like! ‘You selflessly, bravely, and passionately save lives day in, day out," it reads.

"Without people like you, we would not know what to do! So **THANK YOU!** Really, thank you.

"You, along with the other emergency services, truly are our unsung heroes! Stay safe, well fed, and watered and warm," the note continues.

"I hope more people realise how invaluable the ambulance service is!"

It is signed, "Sincerely, a thankful member of the public."

The note was a breath of fresh air to paramedics throughout the UK after it was shared on social media. Just one week ago, Kirsty Sharman, a 26-year-old unemployed woman without a car, left a nasty note on the windshield of an ambulance because they parked in her parking spot.

Even though she wasn't using it, she didn't take kindly to anyone parking in her spot without permission, even if they were on a mission to save someone's life.

"If this van is for anyone but Number 14 then you have no right to be parked here," Sharman wrote in her note. "I couldn't give a s*** if the whole street collapses. Now move your van from outside my house."

According to neighbors, the young mom came out and heaped abuse on the poor paramedics. "She was shouting her mouth off, and telling them to f--king move and shouting other abusive words," said a neighbor.

An ambulance worker brought attention to the note when she posted it to social media and vented about it.

"Please don't shout at me for blocking your parking space when I'm trying to coordinate the extrication of a pt in cardiac arrest!! We are desperately trying to save someone's life and could do without angry bystanders!"

Sharman was fined for her rude behavior.

"Miss Sharman, this was an absolutely despicable incident directed at an ambulance crew providing a public service to a sick person," said a court official.

Sharman's attorney said his client was apologetic in court, but the young woman went on social media after being fined to continue to complain and verbally abuse health care workers.

The new mystery person's letter was much appreciated by hard-working paramedics.

One ambulance worker wrote on Twitter, "Thanks to the member of the public for leaving this on one of our @NWAmbulance vehicles. I'm sure this is a more accurate representation of what the public really think."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Mail Online

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