Woman Whose Car Was Damaged Shocked By What Person Left Behind

A woman leaving work on Sunday when she noticed a scratch on her bumper. She also found her side mirror was out of place. She went to fix it when she found a note and a little gift stuck to it as a peace offering.

Mandi Shepard worked on Sunday, but there were a few surprises in store for her when she returned to her car. The first she noticed was a fresh scratch on the bumper.

Shepard didn't notice a note on the windshield, so she just got into the car and planned to take care of the minor problem herself. That's when she noticed her side-mirror was askew. She tried to fix it and found it was being used to hold something.

The person who scratched the car left an apology note. "Hey I am very sorry truley (sic). I am such a dumb---. Please forgive me."

The note was accompanied by an envelope that read, "Sorry for the scratch, man," accompanied by a frowny face drawing. It contained two $20 bills.

In addition, there was a small plastic baggie with a joint in it. It seems the mystery driver wanted to help Shepard relax after finding the car damage.

The little package made her day. "I was laughing so hard on the way home that somebody took the time to leave me a note and leave me money and half a joint," she said.

Considering Shepard lives in Denver, Colorado, there was nothing illegal about the marijuana peace offering. Still, Shepard says she doesn't plan to use it because she doesn't smoke.

"I'm not a smoker. I'm a runner," she said to WFMY. "I don't know what I'm going to do with it."

She does know what she's going to do with that $40 - she's going to get the scratch buffed out of her bumper.

When you find a note left on your car by a stranger, you never know what you're going to get. It can be very positive, such as the one Shepard found. More often, though, you're likely to find something rude.

Some people leave notes just to taunt you. One note-writer left the message, "Hi, My name is Jack. I accidentally hit your car [and] someone saw me so I'm pretending to right (sic) down my details. Sorry, Jack."

Another note one person found read, "I hit your car, I'm sorry! There's only a scratch on the back left panel but because you looked rich, I'm not leaving my number. Sorry!"

Some note-writers can be very passive-aggressive. "I hit your car, it's so sh--ty I don't think you'll notice. Sorry Dude," one note read.

Some people leave notes just to berate you about your alarm, your driving, or your ability to park.

"Dear Sir or Madam," reads one particularly famous note on the internet. It's neatly written on a brown paper napkin. "You may have noticed that your vehicle seems to have found itself in two parking spaces. The truth is, it actually fits in one. For the benefit of all humanity, please lower your parking space consumption. XOXO, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman."

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, Mandi Shepard

The stranger left a unique apology.

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