Woman Was Dead In Bedroom For A Month, But Husband Swears He Didn't Know

A couple who shared an Chicago, Illinois apartment had a history of domestic disputes, but after not hearing from the woman for a while, someone became concerned. Police were called to go on a wellness check visit. When they got there, they found the apartment smeared with disgusting-smelling bodily fluids and they found the woman dead in the bedroom.

She had been dead for about a month. The husband claims he had no idea his wife had died, but he did smell something funny coming from the bedroom.

Steven Seiler, the 60-year-old husband, told police he had no idea that his 58-year-old wife, Tamara Wilson, was dead until they told him. He claimed he caught the scent of a strange odor coming from the bedroom for about a month, but that he never bothered to check.

Seiler and Wilson had an abusive history together. In 2009, Wilson sued Seiler for domestic violence and won $120,000 from her husband.

As recently as October, Seiler pleaded guilty to domestic battery charges for assaulting his wife. He was banned from being able to return to the apartment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Police got the wellness check call and went to knock on the apartment door. When no one answered, they had the apartment manager let them in.

The stench was overwhelming and seemed to be emanating from the bedroom. Officers noted that bodily fluids were smeared around the apartment, but the bedroom door was locked so they had to force their way in.

They found the woman’s body ‘badly decomposing’ inside.

When Seiler returned to the apartment that day, police told them he found his wife long dead in the bedroom. The man said he didn't know anything about it. The couple's daughter, who left home when she got married in 2014, had called him to tell him that police were searching the place and found his wife dead.

It’s unknown if the daughter was the person who made the phone call for the welfare check.

Seiler was detained by the officers and questioned. Police found he had Wilson's ID, Social Security Card, debit card, birth certificate and wedding ring on him. He was charged at this time for concealing a body, but the investigation is ongoing.

About three days before the woman is believed to have died, Seiler was issued an inheritance check. Wilson took it and sent it to her attorney in an apparent attempt to collect on her $120,000 reward.

Police found that just days after his wife would have died, Seiler bought a coin online and sold it at a pawn shop. At that point, he should have been able to smell the body.

Video cameras from the building found him checking the mail daily before police discovered the woman's body.

Seiler has been released with an electronic monitor for now, but police say they are waiting for the results of a toxicology report to decide if Seiler will face any other charges.

It’s a shocking situation to imagine, but for the time being at least, Seiler seems to be sticking to his story that he spent a month in an apartment with a rotting corpse and never wondered if his wife was alright.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline, Google, YouTube

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