Woman Shares Video Of Her New Place - Weeks Later She And Two Others Found Dead

A woman went on Facebook and posted a video showing off her new home in Idaho. She and her daughter had just moved there with her boyfriend. In the video she pans across the property, showing off the landscape and the garden shed.

In a chilling twist, she was found dead in that same garden shed a week later, along with the bodies of her teen daughter and her boyfriend's wife. The boyfriend remains on the run.

Nadja Medley, a 47-year-old mom, was ready to start a new chapter in her life. She and her boyfriend, Gerald 'Mike' Bullinger, and Medley's 14-year-old daughter, Payton, moved into the rural home together. She had just moved from Ogden, Utah to the Caldwell, Idaho sprawling farm.

Medley was so excited that she posted a photo of her new home online. "My new place," she wrote, with little love-struck emojis. She shared video of the property and panned across the expansive farm. In her video, she shows off a charming garden shed in a field of blooming wildflowers.

"Well folks here's my new backyard, kind of liking this just a little bit, still a little bit of fence to build here, actually a lot," she says. "Dogs are the only thing that's grazing now, but that will change.... this is where the chickens live, hay shed, you can't even see the house because of all the trees, yeah baby, we're loving it."

In another video, Bullinger is seen teaching Payton how to shoot a gun. He had been in a relationship with her mom for two years, and Payton called him 'dad'. Medley had been thrilled when Bullinger asked her to move into the Idaho house with him.

Friends say they thought the couple was madly in love.

What they didn’t know was that Bullington was married to Cheryl Baker and purchased the home with her in May. It's unclear if Medley knew her boyfriend was married, or still with Cheryl.

Cheryl’s brother Byron Baker hadn't heard from his sister for more than 10 days. He called police to report the 57-year-old missing. He reported that a friend of his sister got a strange text message from her recently that said, “Take care of my dogs. I don’t know if I’m coming back.”

Byron assumed that the couple was going on one of their usual long backpacking trips. He thought they were happily married and had no idea that Bullinger was having an affair.

Meanwhile, Medley's friends began posting messages online. They were getting worried that she hadn't been in contact for a while, and that even Payton hadn't been online.

They feared the worst because the mother and daughter were not the kind of people to just "drop off the face of the Earth."

A week after they moved into the Idaho house, three bodies were found in that little shed. The bodies of Medley, Payton and Baker, were lined up side-by-side. Each victim had been shot once with a bullet to the head. The bodies were covered in plastic.

A month later, on June 19, the three bodies were found decomposing in the shed. They also found dead animals, such as birds and dogs, on the property. Bullinger is nowhere to be found.

Police are searching for the 60-year-old pilot. He is a prime suspect in the murders. He has been charged with failing to report the deaths on his property at this point.

Update: After more than six months, police in Idaho have still not been able to find Bullinger, with Canyon County’s sheriff fearing he may be dead.

Source: Daily Mail, EastIdahoNews.com
Photos: Facebook via Heavy, Canyon County Sheriff, KTVB

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