Six-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Husband Finally Learns True Identity Of His Deceased Wife

One couple's marriage was teetering on the brink of destruction from an unusual strain: the wife was secretive. She never wanted to talk about her past, or her family, and when they had kids she even tried to keep the children from his family.

The strain resulted in a separation, and ultimately the wife committed suicide. When he went through her things, the husband stumbled upon a mystery, but it took years before it was solved.

Blake Ruff met his, Lori Kennedy, in 2004 at a church. The two were married in 2008 and things seemed to be going well at first, but Blake noticed that his bride was very secretive about her past.

She said all of her relatives were dead, and she never wanted to talk about her childhood.

Blake learned to live with that, but one thing really bothered him about his wife.

She never really warmed up to his family. She always tried to keep them at a distance, and did not accept them.

When the couple had kids, this behavior in Lori only got worse. She didn't want Blake's parents to see their grandchild.

She was always trying to keep them at a distance. Blake didn't understand why his wife was like this, and she wouldn't talk to him about it.

The couple tried marriage counseling, but that didn't resolve any issues. The two kept butting heads over parenting issues and Blake couldn't take it anymore.

He moved out, and went to stay with his parents in 2010. When things looked hopeless, Blake filed for divorce.

Lori started to spiral out of control when Blake left. She became unstable.

She started sending threatening emails to Blake and his family. She even tried to break into Blake's parents' house at one point.

The worst part was that Lori tried to make it impossible for Blake and his family to see their child. It was always a struggle for them, but Lori continued to keep her walls up until the very end, when she couldn't take it anymore.

On Christmas Eve of 2010, Lori parked her car in front of the home of Blake's family and killed herself. The 42-year-old mother shot herself in the head.

The entire family was shocked and heartbroken, especially Blake.

Blake took Lori's death particularly hard. When he began sorting through her things he made a discovery that he thought might actually give him some answers: a sealed lunchbox in the back of her closet.

He opened the lunchbox and it only brought more questions. It had IDs of several different people and a birth certificate with a name he wasn't familiar with.

It also contained suicide notes. One note was to Blake, and one was to his child.

The notes were long and rambling, and the mother sounded very disturbed. However, she took her secrets with her to the grave.

One thing was clear from all the different IDs Blake found: Lori was not who she claimed to be. Police filed her death under 'Jane Doe', though, because no one knew who she was.

It was a curious mystery, and armchair sleuths on the internet took an interest in Lori’s case. Colleen Fitzpatrick, a nuclear-physicist-turned-forensic genealogist, also took an interest in Lori's case.

Six years after Lori died, the answers finally came.

Lori was actually Kimberly McLean, and her family was still very much alive and living in Philadelphia. She had run away as a teenager and stolen the birth certificate of a deceased baby.

She then went on to change her name several times.

Her family had been looking for her for 30 years, but they were never able to find her. Her mother was devastated to hear that Lori was dead, but now that she has answers she's able to grieve and move forward.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Reddit

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