Woman Taught A Valuable Lesson About Entitlement And Taking Handicap Parking Spots (Video)

The video shows a prankster posing as a disability van driver cruising around various parking lots looking for people violating the handicapped parking law. When he finds somebody wrongfully parked, he’s going to park behind then in his van, then four men in wheelchairs will unload from the van at a very slow pace.

When the team starts looking for handicap parking violators, it doesn’t take long for them to locate one. At Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas, an SUV has pulled up right in front of the restaurant door without a handicapped card on her rear-view mirror.

Check out the video if you want to watch the van block her in and then proceed to take a very long time for the four handicapped men in wheelchairs to exit the vehicle.

The video narrator notes: “We have completely blocked them in. If this beige SUV wants to get out, they will not be able to. It’s a big of vigilante justice here in the parking lot. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a bumper for a bumper.”

The woman who illegally parked her SUV eventually comes out of the restaurant. She stops, then seems afraid of a confrontation and looks more than a little sheepish.

The illegal parker apologizes for parking in the handicapped spot. But she has to wait several minutes as the men all get out of the van.

When they’re all gone, and the van driver is closing up the ramp, the woman says: “I think I can move my car now.”

“Not yet,” he replies, and continues methodically with his task, while she fidgets in the background.

Source: AWM
Photo: YouTube

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