Woman's Post About Target Bathroom Policy Goes Viral - Stirs Up Controversy

One woman's Facebook post about a trip to Target has gone viral, and it's managed to highlight a certain debate about society.

Bathroom rights are a hot topic right now in the U.S. A large portion of the population were elated when former President Barack Obama gave transgendered students the right to use whatever bathroom they wanted in schools across the country. Later, people were furious when President Donald Trump rescinded that right, and left it in the hands of states and local school districts to decide.

Many supporters of LGBTQ rights feel that conservatives are only trying to deny transgendered people bathroom rights because they're bigoted and transphobic, but one woman believes that there is a bigger problem here.

A woman named Maggie Ann was concerned about bathroom laws and bathroom rights - including the right for women to feel safe in public bathrooms, and for parents to feel safe letting their kids use public bathrooms. She walked into her local Target store and inquired about their bathroom policies.

Maggie, dressed in her Reagan/Bush sweatshirt, asked for the manager. She didn't mention transgendered people, LGBTQ, rights, conservativism, God or any of the arguments. She merely asked to have the policy outlined to her.

“[The manager] hesitantly answered with what we are all aware of, that both the male and female restrooms are now neither; they’re gender neutral,” that manager told Maggie, according to a Facebook post.

“So if I were to walk into the restroom labeled women’s right now, a man could legally walk in right behind me with no questions asked?” Maggie says she responded.

He nodded and said, "Yes," Maggie reports.

Maggie left Target with the intention of raising awareness about the new policy that the store is employing, and that many other stores are adopting as well. She's very concerned, and she believes others should be concerned, too. But not about transgendered people.

Maggie actually doesn't care if someone is transgendered. She has no issue sharing a bathroom with a transgendered person. What she's worried about is someone who isn't transgendered, but who is a pervert taking advantage of the bathroom policies put in place for transgendered people.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not worried about sharing a bathroom with someone that’s transgender, lesbian, bisexual, etc.,” Maggie said on her Facebook post. “I’m worried about going into a bathroom with my beautiful blonde haired niece, and a man LEGALLY being able to waltz in right behind us with no one stopping him. We need to wake up to what’s happening around us and stand up for what we believe in.”

Maggie began a Facebook campaign: #byeTarget. Her campaign has gone viral and continues to be shared. She believes that people do need to find a way to support transgendered people and their rights, but not by putting women and children at risk every time they need to use a public bathroom.

Ever since Target changed its bathroom policy, a number of opportunity-seeking perverts have taken advantage of the new rules. There have been a few incidents of men taking photos of women in dressing rooms, and female children being assaulted by men in ladies’ rooms.

None of the incidents involved transgendered people, but all of them involved men who were allowed to follow females into bathrooms and dressing rooms.

It’s unfair to put one group at risk for another group.

Source: Mad World News, Life Tips DIY
Photos: Maggie Ann/Facebook, Peter Greenberg/Wikimedia, Jay Reed/Flick, The Water Closet Blog

Her controversial post went viral.

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