Woman Recognizes Grandfather and Baby from Missing Posters and Saves the Day

A woman in Everett, Massachusetts heard a baby crying, and it got her attention. She knew there weren't many babies in her neighborhood, so she immediately thought something wasn't right.

She walked a couple of houses down and came across the crying baby, and a man holding onto the baby carriage. Thankfully, she knew who they were, and knew just what to do.

Not a lot of people pay close attention to faces on missing posters. Scores of people pass them on a daily basis in supermarkets, post offices and on the street, never stopping to take a look at the faces of the individuals pictured. Most of the time, however, we just don’ pay enough attention to recognize people we have seen before.

A few citizens, though, take it as their public duty to make a mental note of the face. Michelle Senibadli is one of those people. The astute resident heard a baby's cry from nearby, and realized something was amiss.

There are no babies on her block, and there was no reason for a young baby to be out in the cold. She decided to explore the source of the sound further.

After walking down a couple of houses from her own home, she spotted an elderly man with a baby carriage. The baby in the carriage was the source of the crying, and the two were just standing there in the freezing weather. Senibadli realized something was wrong.

“The baby was still in the carriage and [the man] was just standing in the backyard. He looked confused, like he didn’t know where he was,” she said.

Though she knew the man and child didn’t live there, Senibadli got the feeling she'd seen the man and child before somewhere. She struggled to try and place them.

After thinking for a couple of minutes, she realized why they looked so familiar. She saw them on a missing person's post online put out by the Revere Police Department.

The man was Nicolai Denisov, a 74-year-old grandfather. The baby was his 10-month-old granddaughter. Denisov took the baby out for a walk on Friday afternoon, but never returned home.

For hours, the baby's worried parents and authorities had been searching for them.

The grandfather and baby were just two miles from home. Within minutes, the man and baby were reunited with the family. As cameras rolled, the child's frantic father raced up and embraced the baby.

Both grandfather and granddaughter were brought to the hospital and checked out. The two were unharmed and are expected to be fine.

Serghei Denisov, Nicolai’s son and the baby’s father, said his father isn't familiar with the area and simply became lost when he took the baby out for a stroll.

"Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for all the police who were looking for her, all departments, all the people that helped us. Someone just called on the phone, the baby crying outside the building and my father got lost because of slight dementia," said Serghei Denisov.

“If I didn’t go on Facebook it would have never dawned on me that that looked just like the man in the picture they showed,” Senibadli said. “I’m happy everything worked out good and everybody is healthy."

Source: Little Things
Photos: CBS Local, NECN

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