Woman Has Terrifying Message After A Lifetime Of Doing This One Common Thing

A 33-year-old UK mom has been diagnosed with skin cancer after constantly using a sunbed since the age of 16. Amazingly, Lisa Guthrie now has over 100 moles covering her body.

She says that as a teenager she would program the sunbed to stay on for one hour while she took a nap.

Guthrie obsession with having a tan remained even after she had her two children. She regularly visited her local tanning salon, sometimes up to four times a week.

Moreover, when she was on vacation, Guthrie only used a low factor sun cream and applied oil, and would go without any protection once she built up a tan for that season.

The price of her tanning addiction was made clear by a visit to her dermatologist.

It turned out she had a malignant melanoma, discovered when she had two worrisome moles removed from her stomach and back. 

Guthrie, a resident of Concert, UK, is now in remission, but doctors have told her there’s a notable risk of the cancer returning.

“I was obsessed with getting a tan when I was younger,” she notes. “I have always been obsessed with looking good. You would go on it for 20 minutes. I would set it for an hour and fall asleep, I was that bad.”
Given Guthrie has so many moles, she decided to have annual appointments with a dermatologist.

While she had a number of moles removed during the visits, she was not really worried about skin cancer because the biopsies had always come back benign.

Last May, however, Guthrie had to have two more moles removed.
“The nurse said the one on my back looked a little bit grey in color,” she remarked. “It wasn't bleeding or itchy and it didn't effectme in anyway. I just thought she was being over cautious.”

The good news is that after two surgeries, Guthrie was recently told she was in remission.

After her scary experience, Guthrie decided to use her beauty blog to raise awareness of skin cancer among girls and younger women. She warns everyone not to use the sunbeds and to go for spray tans instead.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

Listen to this woman. Wear sunscreen!

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