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Sick Woman Mutilates Dead Body Of Woman She Had A Grudge Against

Funeral homes are usually a place where people show up to pay last respects to the deceased, and condolences to the family. It's a time for most people to let bygones be bygones and to move on from old grievances and grudges.

Unfortunately, some people just don't let go that easily. One woman showed up at the funeral of a woman she hated in search of revenge.

Shaynna Sims, a 28-year-old Oklahoma woman went into a Tulsa funeral home with a bone to pick. The deceased was 38-year-old Tabitha Lynch, who died of an illness.

According to the investigation, Lynch may have been having an affair with Sims' husband, and Sims wanted revenge.

Sims was spotted at the deceased woman's home that day as well. She told Lynch's children that she needed photos of their mother and some of her jewelry.

They didn't believe her and contacted authorities.

During the viewing, Sims walked into the Moore Funeral Home and told Lynch's family that she was a make-up artist that worked for the home. The family allowed her to go up to the casket and watched her work on the deceased with her hands in the coffin, though viewers kept a respectable distance and had no idea what she was doing in there until it was too late.  

Sims was armed with a knife, a pair of scissors, a box cutter and some make-up. She proceeded to give Lynch a make-over to make her 'look like a clown'.

She smeared make-up on the woman's face and slashed down her face from forehead to the tip of her nose with a knife. She also pulled off 'a glob of hair'.

Sims then used the knife to 'crudely' cut off one of the dead woman's breasts. She took off her shoes, cut off a toe and left with the dead woman's shoes before anyone at the viewing realized what was happening.

Some of the viewers then noticed hair on the floor by the casket and checked to see what was going on. They were beyond shocked when they looked at their loved one in the casket.

"She had makeup and lipstick smeared all over her face; her hair was just all over the place," said the dead woman's grieving mother.

Sims was later caught with the knife, which still had some of Lynch's hair on it, as well as make-up, scissors and the box cutter. Other parts of the deceased women were never found.

Sims was charged with unauthorized dissection, larceny, interrupting a funeral, burglary, and unlawful removal of body parts from a corpse.

Her attorney argues that Sims is innocent and had nothing to do with the damage to the corpse. The attorney blames the missing body parts and mutilation on a ‘rough autopsy’.

According to reports, Sims once assaulted another woman who once dated her husband. The woman had to take out a protective order against the jealous wife.

Source: IJR
Photo: KOKI Screenshot

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