Woman Googles Symptoms And Diagnoses Herself With Rare Disease

In 2012, when one woman began experiencing some mysterious symptoms, she went to the doctor for a check-up. One expert after another examined her, diagnosing her with different illnesses that never quite seem to fit.

Finally the woman began doing her own research online and discovered she had a rare disease.

Jennifer Trujillo was training for an athletic event in 2012, but for some reason she was gaining weight instead of losing it. In addition, though she was training hard, she seemed to be losing muscle.

The 33-year-old woman from Santa Fe, New Mexico went to the doctor to see what was wrong.

Trujillo noticed other symptoms as well. Her skin was easily bruising to the touch. Her hair was starting to fall out. Her face was getting rounder.

At first, her doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. Things just kept getting worse. Trujillo, a music consultant, began suffering from debilitating migraines.

She also found her bones were getting more fragile — she broke her foot unexpectedly.

Experts examined her and came up with a number of ideas about what could be wrong with her. They thought she might have a thyroid problem. They considered the young woman might be developing osteoporosis.

One doctor even just chalked it up to 'bad genes' but none of the doctors were able to do anything about the problem. After a while, they recommended a therapist because they thought most of the symptoms were just in her head.

Trujillo began experiencing anxiety over the symptoms, and a lack of answers.

"I was training for an athletic event and started noticing that I was gaining weight, not losing it. I was losing muscle, not gaining it," Trujillo said, according to the Daily Mail.

"Shortly after that my blood pressure shot up through the roof. My face was taking on a moon shape, very round and chubby. My anxiety was so high. Unbelievable migraines. I'd explain all these things to doctors for years and nobody would listen to me."

One day, Trujillo noticed a lump growing on the back of her neck. She Googled it and found the fat roll, known as a 'buffalo neck', along with all her other symptoms, were symptoms of Cushing's disease.

"One night I was looking at it and I was so disgusted, so I googled the words ‘fat on back of neck’, and this thing called buffalo neck came up," she said.

"From there, everything unfolded. I found Cushing's disease and it was every symptom I had to a T, everything down to my foot breaking out of nowhere."

Cushing’s disease is the result of the body producing too much cortisol due to a tumor on the pituitary gland. All of Trujillo's symptoms are common with in Cushing's disease.

"I took this information to my doctor and he was the only one who listened to me. He helped me and the rest is history. He himself was amazed I diagnosed myself with such a rare disease."

Jennifer had surgery to remove the tumor, and she's been improving ever since. Many of her symptoms disappeared after the surgery.

She began losing weight and regaining strength. She still has her bad days because her body now doesn't produce enough cortisol; there are days when she lacks energy, and it's hard to even get out of bed.

Overall, however, the improvement is remarkable.

"My friends and family are amazed. Every time I see someone new they say I look like a completely different person," she says.

She has a little advice for others suffering from mysterious symptoms: "Never give up trying to find an answer and push your doctors to listen to you.”

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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