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Woman Goes Public With Claims That She Was Raped By Six Immigrant Men

A mother from Sunderland, UK has spoken out, alleging that she was kidnapped and gang-raped in a brutal attack by six immigrants from Syria and Iraq after a night of drinking.

Note that the six men arrested relating to this case have been released without charge. Charges in the case can still be filed at a later date.

Following the event, the people of Sunderland came together and supported Chelsey Wright following the attack in which she says she was spiked and then attacked by six men.

The victim reported to police she was kidnapped, gang raped and beaten in the early morning of September 4, 2016.

Chelsey is the mom of three boys. She decided to post on social media to set the record straight and tell people what happened to her.

Going out drinking is a very rare occasion for Chelsey, but on September 3rd she decided to go out with her mom and friend.
Having had no drinks beforehand, she headed to downtown Sunderland completely sober. At the first pub, she had half a pint of cider and vodka.

Then the ladies sent to another club where she ordered another drink, and after that, they moved to another pub were Chelsey does not remember ordering a drink or dancing around. She claims she became separated from her mom and friend after only four drinks.
Chelsey notes: “the next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with no memory of how she got there. Waking up in only her knickers to next to a man she did not know.”

When she woke up, she claims she tried to leave the house but was not allowed. She said: “My head was pinned against the door the door was locked and at this point, she screamed and kept screaming for help. She was locked in a room with a strange man.”

Chelsey says the man said “you’re not getting out” while laughing, and bashing my head against the door. He then went on to open the door. To let another Turkish looking man in. I struggled but I got out of that room.

When she got out of the room she was kicked down a flight of stairs and dragged back up by her hair. Then she struggled and managed to get to the bottom of the stairs only to see three more men standing at the bottom.

She was then pinned against the wall and threatened that her throat would be slit.

Chelsey says she somehow got out the house alive and ran screaming for help while they chased her. She said she had been in a bedsit on Peel Street in Sunderland.

When she got away from the men in the house, she knew the neighborhood well enough to find her uncle’s house.

He put her in the car to drive her home and they found her mom who had been searching for her all night.

She went home to her fiancee and their three children, and then fell asleep on the sofa and woke up around 11 am.

Given she had multiple bruises, lumps, and burns, Chelsey contacted the police as it was clear she had been assaulted.

Source: Police Hour
Photo: Mad World News

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