Woman Sets Trap For Thieves Who Stole Her Packages

One young mom in Oregon was expecting a package with Christmas pajamas for her baby boy, but the package was stolen from the front porch by a mean-spirited Grinch. She was so furious, she decided she wanted to get even with the package thieves.

She set a little trap for them, and sure enough, they took the bait.

Angie Boliek was excited about the cute items she ordered for her 4-month-old baby, but the goodies just didn't come. Eventually, Boliek found they were delivered, but a package thief snatched them. Immediately the mom decided to cook up a plot to get revenge.

"Honestly, I was just mad," said Boliek to Inside Edition. "I was looking around the house thinking, 'What is something I could put in a package that would just be horrendous?'"

At first, she thought she would just fill up the package with garbage. She looked over at the pail and saw something in it that gave her a brilliant inspiration. She found the perfect horrendous gift: dirty diapers.

Boliek piled her son's soiled diapers in a box. There was more than a dozen, smelly, poop-stained disposables ready to go. She taped up the box and added a mock Amazon shipping label.

I put it strategically in a place where you could see it from the street," she said.

It didn't even take 24 hours before some unsuspecting, unscrupulous thief crept up onto the porch and snatched the package. Boliek and her husband said it really made them laugh. She could just imagine the thief's face when they opened the box and found all the nasty diapers, along with the note, "Enjoy this you thief!"

"Oh my gosh," she said. "What I'd do to be a fly on the wall when they opened that."

Boliek called the local police to report her son's pajamas stolen and told them what they did with the diapers. The officer thought it was brilliant.

"The police officer was dying laughing when I told her about it," said Boliek, "...and the officer said, 'Well, this is going to go around the briefing room'."

The mom says she was shocked to find her story had gone viral. Photos of her box of poopy diapers had been circulated and racked up thousands of likes.

"We had no idea this would happen," she said.

Thankfully she managed to get a new pair of spiffy holiday pajamas for her baby, Ben. The family likes to take a Christmas Eve portrait of all the children dressed in their PJs every year.

"We do it before Santa drops all the gifts," she said.

It doesn't look like this family will have to worry about the Grinch returning, but if he or she does, the family will be ready. They're having surveillance cameras installed around the home.

Package deliveries have been increasing around Christmas time as more and more shoppers opt to do their Christmas shopping online instead of in crowded malls. If you’ve got packages coming, stay vigilant. Or, you could get pro-active and throw some smelly garbage into a box now to see if anyone takes the bait.

Source: Inside Edition
Photos: Pixabay, KATU Screenshots, Angie Boliek

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