Woman Is Freaked Out Over Odd Creature In Home That Looks Like A Rat-Worm Hybrid

You don't need to look for alien life on other planets-- all you have to do is look around Earth for some of the strangest creatures you can imagine.

There is the platypus, with its beaver tail, otter body and duck bill. There is the bumblebee bat, which hovers in flight like a humming bird. There is the flying squirrel, which seems to be part squirrel, part kite. Nature has bred some very unusual creatures.

On the popular sitcom, 'How I Met Your Mother', one fantasy creature found by the characters was a running gag. The New York City dwellers claimed to have discovered a new hybrid species: the cockamouse, a cockroach-mouse hybrid. For fans of the show, the imaginary creature was the source of a lot of laughs, but in real life such a thing would be a nightmare.

One woman is living such a nightmare after coming across a most disturbing creature in her home that looks straight out of fiction: a rat-worm. The Southampton woman was shocked when she found the repulsive creature wriggling around in her home.

Bex Deen took some video of the footage and put it up on social media to get a ruling from friends. She could not identify the creature, that looked like a wiggling sausage without a face or limbs, but had a long, skinny tail. The creature was about 5 inches long and was blindly making its way on the floor along the baseboards.

"What is this?" she wrote on the screen, along with a vomiting emoji. Friends were horrified by the creature.

"That thing is absolutely gross! I've never seen something so disgusting! OMG get rid of that please," one wrote.

One friend said that they couldn't look away, but were thoroughly creeped out by the creature.

One person suggested that the creature might have been an overgrown rat-tailed maggot. It's a dronefly in its immature larval stage. The dronefly or 'hover fly' is generally only about 2 centimeters long, or about 3/4 of an inch, and looks like a honeybee.

Usually, the larvae is less than an inch long, but it's of the dronefly has a 'tail' that can be up to six inches in length. This tail is more of a built-in breathing apparatus, so that if submerged underwater, the maggot can breathe through it like a snorkel.

Rat-tailed maggots are usually found in stagnant water, such as in manure pits, cesspools, sewage or lagoons. These dirty waters usually don’t have any source of oxygen. Since they don't have gills, the 'tail' allows them to get air until they become strong enough to slither out of the water.

Once they have escaped the stagnant water, they lo mature into adults and fly away.

Deen said she was concerned about the creature and where it might have come from. Her friends just seemed concerned about her getting it out of the house, before it decided to breed there.

These maggots were also spotted recently around the porta-potties at Glastonbury Music Festival. Festival goers said it was a first and don't recall having seen the creature before. They nicknamed it the 'sh-tapillar'.
Source: Dailymail
Photos: Dailymail Screenshot, Flickr/Waferboard

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