Woman Finally Learns Her Fate For Teaching Her Son’s Bullies A Lesson

Halloween, also known as 'mischief night,’ is a time for treats, and tricks. When a group of kids threw eggs at one woman's home, they quickly learned they picked the wrong target.

Zoe Edwards, a 38-year-old mother of two, was furious when she caught a gang teenagers egging her house in Manchester late last Halloween night. She ran out in her pajamas with a BB gun, jumped in her 4x4 and chased the vandals, according to one of the teens.

A mile away from her home, Edwards confronted a gang of about 10 to 15 boys. She rolled the window of her car down and began cussing and swearing at the kids, then fired on them with the BB gun. One kid was hit in the back, another was hit in his back pack.

One of the boys later got a message from an angry Edwards on Facebook. "You can tell those spineless t--s you hang around with they are pathetic. Revenge is a b---h called Zoe."

Edwards admitted to authorities that she chased them, but says she did not have a weapon or get verbally abusive. She also says it was her son who sent the message, not her.

The judge didn't buy it; he found Edwards guilty of two charges of assault and one of threatening behavior.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Mirror

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